How do I reduce debt?

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Getting ahead in life starts with proper debt management.  It’s way too easy to fall behind and become a victim of excess debt.  Many of the most successful people utilize debt to get ahead in one way or another.  It only takes a couple missteps to fall behind; however, it is never impossible to get ahead.  There are numerous programs out there that the world when it comes to debt management.  There really is no silver bullet or magic wand to make it all go away.  In many cases, drastic changes are needed to correct spending and create a game plan to tackle debt.  Sometimes negotiated reductions are feasible and other times Bankruptcy can be the only alternative.  We offer fee-for-service advice for those looking to create a game plan to reduce debt.   Set up a complimentary consultation today to see how we can help.

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Pay Down Debt

Create a simple game plan TODAY!

Follow this link to download the SNOWBALL CALCULATOR:

Enter each credit card, minimum payment, interest rate and balance.  Then put in the amount you’re able to contribute every month.  See what happens when you “Snowball” your payments by tackling the highest interest rate first.  Then use the drop down function to see what happens if you tackle the smallest balance first or any of the other available scenarios.  This tool will show you how much it will cost in interest, how long it will take you and other available strategies to tackle debt.

If you still feel lost, call us.  We can help you understand all of your options.  This is the first step to putting your finances on the right track.  We would love to help.

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